Strategic Framework


To promote and protect the Olympic Movement in Zimbabwe and ensure the National Teams’ quality participation in Olympic Games and other International competitions through our programmes and activities


Making a positive difference to society by promoting the values of Olympism and developing Olympic medalists.

Core Values

• Professionalism
• Honest Effort
• Team Work
• Integrity
• Mutual Respect


A commitment to:
• Making a positive difference
• Serving society
• Facilitating inclusiveness
• Olympism as a vehicle for transformation

Key Performance Areas (2011 – 2015)

Olympism & Olympic Education
Strategic objectives target the implementation of Olympic Values through the Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP).  The principal implementing arm for OVEP activities is the Zimbabwe Olympic Academy (ZOA).

Corporate Governance
ZOC is 100% compliant to agreed corporate governance standards.

Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational policies will undergo revision to bring them up to date with the prevailing and developing environmental trends.  Stakeholder and staff surveys to determine issues such as compliance and satisfaction will be updated.

Skills and Competencies Development
ZOC staff have 100% relevant skills and competencies required for the discharge of their responsibilities.

Sport Development
Fifteen affiliated National Associations qualify to participate at World level competitions.

Research and Development
All courses and programmes run by ZOC are based on research findings.

Capacity Development for National Associations
50% of affiliated National Associations are 100% compliant to agreed good governance standards as a result of enhanced skills and competencies.

Revenue Generation
ZOC generates 50% of resources required to meet its commitments from sources other than IOC support grants.  The operating environment continues to provide an immense challenge to the execution of any initiatives