Youth Olympic Team Coming Together for Games

Several of the athletes representing Team Zimbabwe at the upcoming Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China gathered yesterday for a team orientation at the Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation outside of Harare.

After Chef de Mission Mr. Titus Zvomuya introduced the team, the group enjoyed a game drive and scenery while getting to know each other at the expansive animal park outside the city. The day also provided some rest and relaxation for several athletes leading up to the Games including the Athletics team that is currently in training camp at the University of Zimbabwe.

With only 10 athletes, all of whom compete in individual sports, the CdM is stressing the importance of team building and supporting each other leading up to and during the Games. “For our athletes to come together and learn more about each other and their respective sports is a strong building block for our team identity going into Nanjing” says Zvomuya.

Also in attendance was Team Zimbabwe Young Ambassador Rukudzo Gona. Of significant importance to the Youth Olympics is the Culture & Education Program that requires all athletes to remain in the Village for the duration of the Games. The Young Ambassadors are tasked with bringing their respective teams together and liaising with their counterparts from other nations for cultural exchange outside of competition. Having already experienced Nanjing earlier this year having taken part in the Young Ambassador orientation, Gona is able to share a bit of knowledge with Team Zimbabwe and is looking forward to the rest of the experience. “The Games are a unique opportunity to learn and embrace new cultures and develop lasting friendships and having sport in common provides a great starting point for all of us”.

The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee would like to thank the Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation for their generous hospitality and special thanks to Fiona Teede for coordinating the event for the team.

Team Zimbabwe is scheduled to arrive in Nanjing on 12 August with some training scheduled before the Opening Ceremonies on 16 August. The Games will run until 28 August. Full results and schedules are available at the official Youth Olympic Games website.

Zimbabwe participated at the inaugural games held in Singapore in 2010, where 27 athletes took part in 5 events; Athletics, Cycling, Equestrian, Football and Triathlon. Yara Hanssen won a Bronze medal in the Team Jumping event in Equestrian.