Zimbabwe Olympic Academy

The Zimbabwe Olympic Academy (ZOA) is an arm of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) which draws its ideals, aims and values from both the International Olympic Academy (IOA) and ZOC. Its main mandate is to promote the spread of Olympism and provide Olympic education in Zimbabwe. The current Director of ZOA is Eugenia Chidhakwa.

The Academy was established in 2002. As an arm of ZOC, it also derives its vision and mission from the mother organization. It thrives to fulfill the aims of ZOC and in order to do this, it attempts to satisfy the following objectives:

• To promote the spread of Olympism
• To provide Olympic education
• To encourage and be involved in research
• To attend and make presentations at conferences
• To produce materials such as books, films, cards etc

ZOA Philosophy

Our philosophy is in the following four categories

  1. Build a Strong Foundation
  2. Spread Olympism Like Wildfire
  3. Get All On Board
  4. Unity For The Multi-cultural Society

Role of The Academy

The role of the Academy is to do the following:

  • Work towards the total achievement of the aims and objectives of IOA and ZOC as well as its own, in matters relevant to itself
  • Spearhead, facilitate and provide Olympic Education as well as ensure the spread of Olympism
  • Facilitate and provide education of the values and ideas of the Olympic Movement
  • Ensure the positive impact of the above on the totality of humankind in Zimbabwe

Goals & Strategies

In pursuit and support of the vision of the IOA and ZOC, the goal of ZOA is to become the strongest and most effective vehicle for Olympic education and the spread of Olympism in Zimbabwe.
Promotion of Olympic Education and Values is done through the following initiatives:

  • Develop and produce a sizable amount of literature and articles for publication
  • Organize educational workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Develop a library, museum and regional centers
  • Attend annual sessions for Directors of NOAs and other relevant events
  • Hold formal & regular meetings; document and circulate minutes appropriately
  • Work with already established institutions on promoting Olympism
  • Organize and produce promotional and educative materials
  • Create partnerships with stakeholders with the help of ZOC
  • Organize Olympic Academy Sessions for various groups of stakeholders


  • Spreading the values of Olympism
  • Facilitating the provision of Olympic Education
  • Research and publication

In order to achieve its objectives, the Academy found it ideal to work with national sport associations, schools, tertiary institutions and the public in general to get all groups of people involved in sport and at all levels.  This includes athletes, spectators, officials, coaches, sponsors, parents, guardians.