ZOC Initiative Heads to Bulawayo

This Article by Precious Gwabanai first appeared in the Zimbabwe Mail of 04/10/14

The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC)’s talent identification programme, which was launched at the start of the year, will be heading to Bulawayo province this weekend as the nationwide drive to promote gifted athletes continues.

The programme is being run in association with the Sports and Recreation Commission as well as the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture.

“We are running a talent identification programme covering major sporting disciplines. We have been going to inter-schools competitions and we have identified several children we would want to assist in enhancing their talent,” said ZOC sports administrator Titus Zvomuya.

“We are also going to assist these kids academically and they will also be part of the Bindura Sports Academy where they will be exposed to a professional training regime. We are hoping that this move will prepare these kids
for international competitions where they will win medals for the country.

“We are mainly targeting kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who face challenges in getting funding their level and we are doing this right from the primary education level to secondary and even tertiary level. This is not a scholarship that will just cater for their education, but will also facilitate their participation in sports at higher levels.

“We wouldn’t want someone who is talented not to progress just because they cannot afford it,” he added.

The ZOC’s talent identification programme started in January with the ZOC’s representatives visiting a number of areas around the country.

The programme now moves to Bulawayo’s Gifford High School, with the ZOC anticipating a huge turnout by budding athletes.

“We will be heading to Gifford high in Bulawayo and we are inviting all athletes to come and showcase their talent,” said Zvomuya.

“We are working with a number of strategic corporate partners and we are hoping to tap talent from a young and tender age and shape it for the good of the country as a whole.”